Trailblazing Women and the Law



The Trailblazing Women and the Law project will create, showcase and analyse the first publicly accessible, national, oral history of seven decades of Australia’s pioneer, ‘trailblazing’, women lawyers. In bringing together the interdisciplinary expertise of the CIs in the fields of gender, oral history, biography, law, citizenship, social networks, cultural informatics, digital publishing and women’s history archiving, this work will fill the well-noted absence of leading women lawyers’ lives from national history and Australian scholarly analysis. It will enhance the capacities of women lawyers across the country, whose potential societal and economic contributions are presently underutilised in the Australian civic and professional landscape.


Australian National University

Professor Kim Rubenstein -  Director, Centre for International and Public Law

Larissa Halonkin and Louise Baker,  Research Assistants

Australian Women Lawyers

Family Court of Australia

Federal Court of Australia

National Foundation for Australian Women

National Library of Australia

Kevin Bradley - Curator of History & Folklore, Director of Sound Preservation,


January 2013