Saulwick Polls and Social Research

Irving Saulwick - image source


The Saulwick Polls and Social Research project was an ARC funded project to catalogue the personal archive of one of Australia's leading social researchers of the late 20th Century. The primary output of the project was a website drawing together collections and contextual information as a piece of research infrastructure to support the use of Irving Saulwick’s archive and related data collections.

The value of Saulwick’s legacy is cross-disciplinary: offering rich source material for scholars of political and social sciences; creative practicioners seeking to recreate the mood or language of a particular period; historians; and anyone with an interest in late-20th century Australian society. The collection is particularly rich for the period 1971-1995, a time of great social change in Australia and globally.

Prior to his death, Irving Saulwick donated his archive to the University of Melbourne Archives, where it can now be accessed by researchers.


This project was supported under the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities funding scheme (project number LE110100136).

Professor Mark Considine
Lead Chief Investigator, The University of Melbourne

Professor Murray Goot
Chief Investigator, MacQuarie University

Professor Toni Makkai
Chief Investigator, Australian National University

Dr Denis Muller
Chief Investigator, The University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Gavan McCarthy
Chief Investigator, The University of Melbourne

Access to raw data for selected Saulwick Polls conducted between 1972 and 2004 is available via the Australian Data Archive (ADA)

The Irving Saulwick collection is held at the University of Melbourne Archives


August 2011