Encyclopedia of Australian Science

Encyclopedia of Australian Science


The Encyclopedia of Australian Science is one of the major research project activities of the eScholarship Research Centre, involving the web publication of a national register of people, organisations, archives and published material relating to the history of Australian science, technology, medicine and engineering.

The Encyclopedia of Australian Science is an amalgamation of the Bright Sparcs and Australian Science at Work registers. While Bright Sparcs was a register of people involved in the development of science, technology, engineering and medicine in Australia, and related resources, Australian Science at Work was a register of industries, corporations, research institutions, scientific societies and other organisations. With the two registers separated, it was impossible to explore the many links between the people, and the organisations they worked for, the institutions where they taught or studied, and the societies to which they belonged.

The Encyclopedia of Australian Science, established in 2007 and first published online in 2010, incorporates the rich content from the Bright Sparcs and Australian Science at Work register into a single web resource.



The Dahl Trust – the ESRC is collaborating with the Dahl Trust to create a listing and exhibition in the Encyclopedia of  Australian Science about the study of Australian eucalypts


July 2007